Artist Statement


Much of my photographic work to date looks to address issues relating to gay sexuality and what it means to be a homosexual artist. Influenced by artists such as Hal Fisher and Robert Mapplethorpe I am currently exploring ways to create images that play with gay semiotics as a way to invent a new visual vocabulary through employing the use of modern-day gay iconography.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 13.20.32

The theme for this call out was in keeping with my latest project which looks to address the relationship between photography and representation. Because the image making technology of the camera is based upon the mechanical reproduction of nonlinear perspectives, photographs primarily represent a look. Therefore this project explores the power relations of looking and being looked at. Both the Gimp mask and Piggie mask have strong homosexual connotations which play into the theme of this project and have been used as signifiers to explore different identities.




To explore Louw’s work further please visit the following platforms:

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All images were kindly supplied by the artist.

Please contact the artist before using them.

Thank you.

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