Artist Bio


I was born in March 25th 1990, at Delicias city, Chihuahua state I was working as a university teacher for a while and then I started a master’s degree in design and arts. In the Universidad autonoma metropolitana. In addition to being a part-time drag queen, called Lennox Gyarada.


BODY (7)
BODY (5)


Artist Statement


In my artistic work I do not use a specific technique, I prefer to play with different techniques using the symbolic characteristics of each material.

My artistic work for now it’s documentary type, comes from creativity, this means the way we create something. Regularly the final product of creativity tends to be a product that can be physical or not physical. In this case, my artistic work is born of the representation of this process, but not to create a product, if not to create a life or a fiction, that is, the product will manifests throughout our life, the process by which the individual goes through to realize or reaffirm his own life or his own fiction into the lgbt community.





  • Group exhibition at the Media Library, “prints and color” etching. 2011
  • 8 group in the cafeteria of the Faculty of Arts UACH, silkscreen, monotype, photography, digital illustration, etching Exhibitions. 2010- 2013
  • Group Exhibition at Casa Siglo XX “1st Symposium of the graph: Traditional and Alternative Media” lithography wood, siligrafía.2011
  • Group Exhibition at the State Congress “3rd Symposium of the graphic: Graphic expanded” .2013
  • Individual exhibition on art and gender in Universidad
    Vizcaya de las Americas. “Puto” 2014.
  • Presentation on art and gender in Vizcaya Universidad
    Vizcaya de las Americas.
  • Participation in the Fringe shows Exhibition: queer and sexual post. 2015 in London.
  • A solo show in dalson super store, london. 2016


You can explore Bravo’s works further by visiting the following platforms:


All images were kindly supplied by the artist.

Please contact the artist before using them.

Thank you.


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