Internationally collected artist Richard Vyse has shown in galleries in Manhattan and
Honolulu. He has studied at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and taught at
Pratt in Brooklyn. His art has been featured in many international art and gay art
magazines. The Art of Man, Mascular magazine UK, Jack the Lad UK, Character
magazine and Noisy Rain to name a few. His art is in the Leslie Lohman museum
collection and will be showing at the LLM Project Space in February 2019.

Vyse says “My art is about what you see and what will inspire the viewer to use their imagination to create their own interpretation and story. My gay sensibility creates what is beauty to me.  This is what inspires me to go into my own world where there is no time and nothing else matters.

I create using my instincts to guide me through the art. I never know until the last moment what type of line or spontaneous brush stroke is going to capture a moment and a mood. Whether to create in black and white or values of gray or colors. The lines are blurred if the subject is androgynous or not.  When the face is blurred it asks the viewer why unseen? What do I see? Balaclava.Q presents a closeup and focused look at the artist and their art. The format makes for a strong presentation that the viewer can respond too.


Man Thoughts
Ink 14”x17”


Watercolour 14”x17”


Man Mood
Ink/watercolour 14”x17



Unseen Mindscape
Ink/watercoluor 14”x17”


Unseen Profiled
Ink/watercolour 14”x17”


All images were kindly supplied by the artist.

Please contact the artist before using them.

Thank you.

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