Artist Bio


Austria-based artist Maja Radosavljevic, a former studio photographer, puts bodies at the centre of her work. By illustrating breasts of various shapes and perspectives, the photographer points at the most important female* body parts” from a Queer, feminist stance.





The B-Project


Artist Maja Radosavljevic is seeking participants for the B PROJECT: A continuous, growing body of work which explores and affirms female empowerment. Radosavljevic completely disacknowledges the face to focus on the female breast, the artist explains: “A significant part of the work involves self-empowerment and a joint artistic process. To make that visible all photo titles and image compositions were self-determined by each person in the picture, the B-project is still ongoing.




Studio and fashion photography, as does society, describes and defines women* by showing their bodies in, so-called, acceptable shapes, which are nothing more than highly edited “photoshop fantasies”. Thus b-project is not just a call-out for [self-] acceptance, gender diversity, or what is understood as the female* body: it is a Queer critique of photography and society.





different matters


If you wish to participate in the b-project please email Maja at:


You can explore Radosavljevic and read more about the b-project here:


All images were kindly supplied by the artist.

Please contact the artist before using them.

Thank you.






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