UK-based artist George Mellor presents selected works that cross sculptural and painted portraits. At the centre of Mellor’s output lies the processes and effects of addiction. Mellor’s brave and cathartic exploration, using a variety of media is bold and in-your-face and adopts an aesthetic which can be easily rooted and traced in queer art history. These echoes of queer art past sit really rather neatly in the echoes of his subject’s past.  Mellor gives these selected works the overarching title: INSIDE YOU INSIDE ME.

Mellor says, “A lot of my work has undertones of queer subcultured settings and also I use it as an outlet for my mental health “issues”. My dissertation that I wrote compared art school to mental health institutions.  I did my degree in fine art paint and print at Manchester art school but I’m passionate about making sculpture/installations.” (2017)











You can explore more of Mellor’s output by visiting: Instagram.


All works were kindly supplied the artist.

Please contact the artist before using them.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “ARTIST: GEORGE MELLOR

    1. These are just wonderful .glsd I same here my name is Drew and I’m from Sarasota fl . Moved here after doing circus arts and my acrobatic partner kathy got a lifetime oppty to do trapeze, and she helped the new my new partner,
      Kyle. He’s an acrobat and body builder and became my base. And eventually I’ll be do doing more modeling. Troy moved back to austra but when he was here , he was a great model, as my base and gave my inform, intro to the lgbtq center near Sarasota , being the house nude model, and sometimes I became his flyerdoibg acrobatic modeling with him and sometimes one of his friends.
      I’ve also done make art films and would like to br part of your models to do art modeling .

      I an outside phila near NYC and can travel

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