Artist Statement


An unusual take on the theme “obscuring the face”: it is the voyeur or witness, whose preference it is to keep the figure’s identity anonymous?  It is by choice of the viewer to take a perspective where the face is covered?  The nude figure’s face is exposed from any other point of view?   

I work as an artist in three major approaches: by painting or drawing, by collaborating with photographers as a subject (rather than model) and by teaching art.  As the subject of a photo I wear nudity as a kind of a costume I put on and become almost like an actor or a character as I work together with the photographer as an artist to create an image.

Nude I reveal none of the clues about my own self that my clothes offer and I can explore all kinds of personas and ideas. I really feel like an actor and my posing is my performance.  Showing my body is not a revealing act at all. It is not how I present myself in public, it is a costume.  I hide, not by covering my face, but by wearing nothing.




You can explore more of Alpern’s work by visiting:


Images and text were kindly supplied by the artist.

Please contact the artist before using them.

Thank you.


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