SOS (Sex On Sunday)


I grew up in The Netherlands, after many years living in Amsterdam.  To many the city is a centre for queer underground sex parties that are filled with regulars, first-timers, and tourists from all over the world.  Indeed, many visit these queerly, perverse playgrounds of flesh. Important to me, and which adds to the dynamism of the sex scene, are all the different of people from all different social classes, races, and sexualities.


Dutch policies on recreational drugs, prostitution, gay marriage and euthanasia, are among the most liberal in the world. Dutch citizens consider permissiveness and tolerance as essential parts of their self-image and identity. However going to a naked sex party to have free consensual sex with like-minded people is still condemned. Revealing the identity of the visitors could seriously harm them in their private or professional life. This is one of the reasons why I use a mask to hide their faces.


The mask does not only anonymise them to the outside world. Whilst at a party visitors put on an invisible mask protecting their emotional selves. Marilyn Monroe did the same. The successful actress put on a mask every day to make it seem she was living a dream.  But although Monroe was admired by thousands of men, she felt lonely. That is the reason I use masks from the popular culture like Disney and Hollywood.


A mask is also a fetish object in the gay scene that allows you to cruise and play anonymously. Andy Warhol made a wonderful statement about sex in the 80’s. He said that sex was becoming more and more about entertainment and that it was no longer about love. Similarly the masks I use draw attention to the links between sex and the industry of entertainment in our society.

In my vision, at a sex party fantasy and harsh reality constantly meet each other. It’s why these parties always have intrigued me. It fascinates me how people behave in this horny but hidden world. I have always tried to see behind the surface of things and invite my viewers to do the same.
























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