>>DISCLAIMER: These works contain nudity<<<



The Netherlands-based artist Soek Zwamborn presents new works as part of his ‘Narcissus…’ series. Zwamborn says:


“This is a  series that came after the first on narcissus? The final image one my face, but is has to: I could scratch over it to have the face disappear, but actually it is about the joy of being alive, to be alive means to be out. unveiling oneself. The jackets have been embroidered with drawings that are made after some photos. The jackets will be in an exhibition in November (2017)” – Soek Zwamborn


‘Narcissus Erects’ / 2017


i’ve been sad, icarus, 
falling from the sky  
just because he enjoyed. 
who wouldn’t. 
in my youth 
much was forbidden. 
a catholic boy in trouble,
i fell before flying.
wounds heal,
techniques improve.
flying is great
unnamed (1)
unnamed (2)
unnamed (3)
unnamed (4)
unnamed (5)
unnamed (6)
unnamed (7)



‘Narcissus Interrupts’ / 2017


Artist Statement

The title of the series is ‘Narcissus Interuptus’. This is the short version. It is a personal series coming from the insecurity and loneliness (and hiding) i experienced while discovering myself as a sexual and sensual being with a crush on men. I’ve long tried to shy away from this, not to be known in what I feel and am. Not for myself not for others.


fuck this world
fucked up world
selfie suckers
claiming the love
to live is to love
love speaks sex
i too am love
melting the cold
All works were kindly supplied by the artist.
Please ask the artist before using them.
Thank you.

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