>>>DISCLAIMER: These works contain nudity<<<


Artist Statement


Dancer in a former life, I re-invested my body in the field of visual arts, which refers to an inheritance and the significance of memory, in a female body.

Thanks to a dynamic exploration triangular — myself as both researcher and subject and object of my search — I developed an aesthetic of ex-time.

A trunk body with invisible legs and yet standing.

A word of faceless box, contours fades into the background.

An ultra-plastic, corporeal – constantly reinterpreted in a resilient stubbornness.

Where the tangled flesh, disorder, colours and words, I try to instil in my art a profane and sacred dimension.


Why Balaclava.Q?


I met Emmanuel Barrouyer (Balaclava.Q: Artist Liaison), at an exhibition in Paris this winter (2016). He introduced himself as a researcher for Balaclava Q. He loved my work and even bought one of my pieces. He introduced me to your group online, thinking I’m perfect for joining. I hesitated because my approach is not inherently queer, 14021599_1353346804683051_8239028201219203338_n.jpgeven tho there are parallels within this research. I would not want to rob the LGBT community of the particularity of this term, although I think we are the same family of researchers looking at and around the body and sexuality. To exist among you would be a great honour. The proposals of the artists are so beautiful and strong, terribly inventive and poetic ….

How do you interpret the fact of hiding the face?

I started hiding my face to escape a man stalking me and trying to kill me for nearly 10 years. Both the result of trauma, and the need to exist – so remaining anonymous on the web safeguarded me.

So I lay traces of my story in a frame and tidied on the gallery wall. Rather than defeat me, I leave room for the unknown woman, possibly all others. This photo mask of a face without a body, then became an aesthetic pursuit for me.

Have you any future exhibitions that you would like to share with us?

I finished an exhibition at the Villa Belleville in Paris, and I’m leaving early July exhibit at the gallery Historia e Arte in Bragança, Portugal.


Gorilla Girl presents photographic series: ” a little to see Approach


Le Rouge sans les mains_batch
Le Rouge sans les mains
Le Rouge avec les mains_batch
Le Rouge avec les mains
Santa Luzia__ In pectum
Santa Luzia:: In pectum
venusphallus11 300DPI_batch
veěnus phallus22 300dpi_batch
veěnus phallus22
le secret photo encadreģe
le secret photo encadreģe


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All images were kindly supplied by the artist.

Please contact the artist before using them.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “ARTIST: GORILLA GIRL

  1. So interesting… I immediately thought of Emmanuel Barrouyer when I first saw your work in the email from this site … nice to read that I was right on in that association. Great work (and I’d most certainly say it is adequately Queer!)

    Liked by 1 person

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