Artist Statement


“My work acknowledges the fluidity of otherness and the role of the body within the dynamic of performance art. I’m interested in the expression of our uniqueness and identity through vulnerability and intimacy. I explore how the artist and the audience come together to perform a caring community.” – Ivan Lupi (2017)


‘Technicolor’ (2017) .  Low resolution digital collage, bad photoshop, digital painting. Sketch for a performance to come.


‘Technicolor’ is a multi-media production exploring the aesthetic development arising from a trauma that occurred during the artist’s childhood. The series of digital sketches is built around the character of ‘Snow White’ from the Walt Disney motion picture and it depicts a possible set up for a performance to come. At the age of 7 the artist was attending a projection of the movie when he was sexually abused by a mentally ill man.


Question: What does Balaclava.Q mean to you?

“I came across Balaclava.Q during the HE: Queering and Questioning “Masculinity” exhibition (2017).  I happened to read the statement and decided that I wanted to be here. Not because I think it is a safer place or because I define myself as queer. In fact, I don’t and we may not even be safer here: but because I wanted to be in the same flow of people who have something to bring to light in order to be more visible, to take risks and make our community stronger.
And if you are reading this and you think you’ve been made to feel different by others too many times, well YOU ARE different. But not in a bad way. You are unique. Jump on board and share your story with us because we need you here.” (2017)
You can explore more of Lupi’s current works and thinking at Queer Resonance.
All works were kindly supplied by the artist.
Please contact the artist before using them.
Thank you.

Balaclava .Q <>

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