NEW SERIES: Pushing Through (2016)

Making more and more artwork, I feel as though I exercise so much self-control, everything becomes more and more disciplined, flat and restricted. I decided to repeat a self-portrait hundreds of times over the period of a few months by using a simple line drawing. I found that the portrait slowly became distorted. I was able to break through these boundaries in my mind and not worry much about a ‘final outcome’.


UNTITLED #! (2016)
UNTITLED #2 (2016)
Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.52.13 AM
UNTITLED #3 (2016)
Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.53.14 AM
UNTITLED #4 (2016)
Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.53.42 AM
UNTITLED #5 (2016)
Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 9.54.06 AM
UNTITLED #6 (2016)


Artist Statement

My work is predominately autobiographical, I work with my own life experiences, even though I sometimes paint or draw other people, I feel that each subject is subconsciously about myself or something I relate to.  I would say I don’t obscure, but manipulating it and exaggerate it, to heighten my audience’s experience. I am currently working on a solo exhibition in London, various commissions for private clients, and I am collaborating with iconic London venue ‘Beach Blanket Babylon’ painting murals on the walls inside the venue.

Church has submitted photographs from his performance piece ‘You touch me when I’m too disgusted to touch myself’.



2013, ‘Just How You Made Me Feel’ Wrong Weather Gallery, Portugal, solo show.

2014, ‘Greedy Bitches’ Gallery LE84, Paris, solo show.

2014, ‘Burning Flesh’ The Plinth, Glasgow, contributor.

2015, ‘I Love You but I Love Me More’ ArtHole and Dalston Superstore, solo show.

2015, ‘You Touch Me When I’m Too Disgusted to Touch Myself’ Wrong Weather Gallery, Portugal, live performance.

2015, Selected Works, Edinburgh Art Fair, Scotland.

2015, ’A Safe Place Queer: Post Sexual. The Box Re-examined’ Fringe Festival, London.

2015, ‘You Can’t Just Touch My Soul and Leave’ Miami Art Basel in collaboration with MUSEØ, Miami.

2016, ‘Counterpoint Figuration’ The New Curators, Austria, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Poland, UK, contributor.

2016, ‘Bought Objects’ Very Friendly Gallery, Glasgow, Contributor.

2016, ‘I Look For You In Everything’ Wrong Weather Gallery, Portugal, solo show.


2015, Accidental London,

2015, Wrong Weather Portugal,

2016, MUSEØ Miami,

2016, Linder NYC,


Assisting British artist Stella vine, installing and overseeing the running of her 2014 London exhibition, ‘Melting into you’.


You can explore more of this artists’ work by visiting the following link:

All images were supplied by the artist.

Please contact the artist before using them.

Thank you.

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