Artist Statement


I like to capture the evanescent traces of my footsteps, shaped by the background.

These are among my portraits of my son, David, also.


I’m a self-taught photographer, now branching out into assemblages and painting.  I have a real taste for humor that sometimes leads to sticky situations.  I’m very out in a quiet kind of way and not at all interested in being accepted: “Just get out of my way!”  My husband and I have just opened a private fine arts gallery in Northeast Pennsylvania and hope to support and foster emerging artists in the local and international community—we take a somewhat lower “cut” so the majority goes to the artists.  We’re hoping next year to make a go of a fellowship to provide short-term work and exhibition space for visual and performance artists.


I’m participating in Balaclava.Q with pieces that reveal the barest traces of me: shadows and intentions.  They make me think of unnamed victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki who left only shadows on their environment.



“Selfie and Switching Box”, Orlando. FL, 2014
“Self-Portrait with Shards”, Brookline, MA, copyright 2015
“David in Rhode Island”, copyright 2014
“Walking with David at the Boston MFA”, copyright 2015
17236983_1237615649627021_1853506693_o (1)
“Two of Us”, copyright 2017


All images were kindly supplied by the artist.

Please contact the artist before using them.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “ARTIST: STEVE GLICKEN

  1. This is a largely a question of taste and philosophy. We have to ask the questions: is this interesting? Does it raise any questions? Does it occur within a context that has an “arty” quality? I think it meets all three of these criteria. Whether it is good or bad art is a question of taste and philosophy. It is certainly not very queer. Some of my other work would meet that criterion, but not within the qualifications of Balaclava-Q.

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