Artist Statement

Most of my pieces are done in acrylic on cardboard, a very ordinary and readily available material.  They are all relatively small in size with the largest in DIN A4 to mimic pages of a diary or journal and are a documentary of sorts of my daily encounters in real life and online.
The heavy  outline of the marker is from my favorite pastime as a child….colouring books.
They are the boundaries for the color, just as the rules, regulations and laws delegate our behavior and social interactions as adults. Stay inside the lines !  LOL
In these minimal portraits,  I paint just the scenery to give a suggestion of what is taking place. This leaves the figure unpainted and raw exposing the natural color of the cardboard. Actually this juxtaposition leaves the figure as the negative space in the overall image. The viewer’s mind is tricked into swapping the positive and negative areas to make the more familiar shape of the human figure; the dominant visual element.
This is shown in the 2 images of the seated figure with the grey Sneakers.  When the light blue of the ’tile’ background is applied,  the darker figure then seems to move to the foreground of the piece (see below).
The colour of the raw carton is also used to ‘generate’ a skin tone that is neither light nor dark and  of unspecific origins – an ‘everyman’.  A mask in itself by purposely not defining a skin tone, ethnicity or race with paint.
Also, the various male figures in my art are drawn without facial features and void of all details and expressions of emotions. By wiping this slate clear here, the face then becomes totally masked. The viewer sees the blankness but most times they create their own version of what should be there. A few pieces are even cropped in a way to exclude a head to create more tension and more questions.
I like to leave the story of each piece open to the viewer’s individual interpretations, just setting the stage with a few clues. It is surprising to hear the different reactions to each piece. These variations of opinion are exactly what I am striving for.
Here are a few examples of newer works for you:
 You can explore Black Boot’s works further by visiting his online gallery: CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE for the new website.
All images were generously supplied by the artist.
Please contact the artist before using them anywhere.
Thank you.

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