Artist Statement


Art is a map that I use to orient myself. And for the past five years my work has been my compass. I have used it to constantly push myself into new territories, to try whatever felt right, and to be painfully honest and public about my experiences regardless of the consequences.

Growing up, my life had been an elaborate performance as I tried to couch who I was in terms that I could get away with. On the outside, I was Ironical but on the inside, I was paralyzed with fear and in pain.

I began with simple drawings and paintings, then moved into photography and performance art in order to explore the lines blurred between paintings and photography; art and life.

I do this to help myself and others  embody their visions in the hopes of realizing them and to challenge the “community standards” of social networks like Facebook, whose middlebrow, middle american rules increasingly govern the conduct and expression of our lives.

These rules are oppressive because they silence and erase the people who live outside their so called  “community standards”.  Standards which have penalized burn victims , plus sized models, targeted queer protestors, punished those that try to remember history, and others simply for existing.

Facebook isn’t just entertainment. It is largely responsible for the Arab Spring, and is responsible for the reason the police that murdered Philando Castile are on trial. It is also why the “big data” it generates may have propelled Trump into office.

That is why I make art which often challenges these “community standards.” Because when Facebook punishes me for being an artist, they do so  in direct violation of their own rules that allow for nude drawings and paintings. Their censorship of my art  demonstrates that they are not neutral, that they have a poor understanding of contemporary art, and that they cannot be trusted.

I then use their arbitrary and capricious censorship of my work to start larger conversations about how these systems are affecting our lives.

Here, I have obscured my face and portions of my body to make my interior worlds visible. The bulk of this work was created at 1am in a Las Vegas motel, while Balaclava Q contributor Peter Kalisch slept off a bad cold. The photos were taken by either Anotchka or myself.
















Funny enough I began the project while on a road trip with Balaclava.Q contributor Peter Kalisch. You can follow my work and collaborations here:


You can explore more of this artists work on their website:


All images were generously supplied by the artist.

Please contact the artist before using them.

Thank you.

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