***DISCLAIMER: Contains nudity.***


Artist Statement


My work is an exploration of my instinct as it sheds light on my spiritual and emotional landscape. My intention is to unlearn my feelings of existential aloneness and bridge with the world outside of me. It is important in this process to begin with the personal spirit or drive and find the collective nature of humanity within.


I have a perpetual curiosity of myself and of humanity, and my art acts as an extended appendage, reaching towards what I am about to know. The abstraction is, therefore, a form of therapeutic future reflection on my life. I look back on my work and see the many hints of “knowing before knowing”.


Influenced by esotericism, eastern theologies, queer feminism and a joyfully sardonic nature, my current bodies of work illuminate my ongoing adventure past the limits of gender expression.


‘Ave Maria, Marvelous’
‘Little Lottie (Mirror Series) #1’
‘Little Lottie (Mirror Series) # 2’
‘Mutant Momento Mori’
‘Mutant Muted’
FILM STILL from ‘Lü, Treading (Garden Installation)’
FILM STILL from ‘Lü, Treading (Garden Installation)’
FILM STILL from ‘Transfinite’


You can explore this artists’ work further by visiting  a forthcoming exhibition:

Eureka, California alongside artist Lorenzo Tribugo of NYC. 

It is opening February 4th, 2017. The title is Just Kids: Tender Forever and it is done in conjunction with an artistic and former romantic partner of mine, Dolphine Ryder (more information to follow).


and/or by visiting the following platforms:

Instagram: marvalarex
All images were kindly supplied by the artist.
Please ask the artist before using them.
Thank you.


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