Artist Statement

A dark road travelled, yet full of light. To Hell and back with a salivating smile.

Balaclava.Q is a golden opportunity to showcase work that is often overlooked, simply because of unconventional, unloved material.

The use of masks is a subject I have used in my work on and off for a long time period, it both conceals and projects identities , quite often from a different angle, but always for me deliciously subversive.


Bruiser with velvet gloves 2016 : Plastic Misdemeanour series


Psycho Clown 2016 : Artist as serial killer series


Genetic scream 2016 : Rectal Messiah series


My Sickening Fear 2016 : Man who Smashed Earth Project


Transmission Prophet 2016 : Road to Hell project


Painfully Pretty 2016: Plastic Misdemeanour series


You can explore more of Hopper’s work by visiting Instagram.


All works were kindly supplied by the artist.

Please ask the artist before using them.

Thank you.

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