Ma nouvelle Amie


Can you recognise what’s in someone’s mind?

Can you recognise who a stranger is?

Can you recognise what this person is feeling?

Can you imagine how joyful this person’s life is?

And how anxiety and depression influence the stranger’s life?

And how bullying, repressions and discrimination result’s in someone’s mental health?

So let me introduce you how life feels for those whose gender identity is not determinated by genitals.

Whom does not fit in the concept; “man” and “woman,” regardless of sexual orientation.

According estimations 9 out of 100 people do not adhere to a “norm”, where the unreported cases are more than 3 times higher (!) as reported ones.

Look at your office, count the people working with you… now you got it, they’re wearing masks!

Not all of them of course. You will see them in the theatre, in the television, on the kerb in the red light districts and sometimes at shopping malls. But you will never see your CEO, your nephew or niece, the chef in your favourite restaurant or your landlord. Have you ever questioned why the secretary of your boss never wears skirts? And actually never flash her boobs, accidentally? Or why your co-worker has a feminine breeze, even if he is married with a beautiful woman?

Confused by saturation and other post-processing?

Well, that’s what they’re confused by too “the society.”

You saw the pic somewhere else? Of Course!

That’s everyday life… how often do you see that someone is questing for  liberty without a mask?

That’s what unites us.

You, me and them.

I’ll invite you to be my and their friends.

Consider me and them as your “Ma nouvelle Amie”.” Dominic Gora / 2016




All images were kindly supplied by the artist.

Please contact the artist before using them.

Thank you.

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