Artist Statement

These images are not meant to disguise who I am, they are meant to enhance and accentuate who I am. These layered photos are to say that there is more to me, rather than less.

It is an irony perhaps, that my face is obscured by a multiplicity of faces. We are indeed hundreds, if not thousands of faces. Some of them we reveal to mothers, lovers, friends, enemies, some are just for ourselves, some are lost, seen by no one including ourselves.

We are multiple natures, continually on sliding scales of thoughts, feelings, needs. Sexuality is one of those sliding scales. We are taught that our sexuality is fixed, that there is no room for interpretation, movement, exploration. I have no interest in the fixed. I am not the person I was at 18, nor will I be the same person at 80. Who cares? I am happy to be a part of Balacalva.Q because it allows me the free room to explore who I am, who I want to be, and who others will have to deal with.



You can explore Hopper’s artworks and blogs by visiting this comprehensive list of platforms and websites:
Big Sky/Tall Trees (art site):
These images were kindly supplied by the artist.
Please ask the artist permission before using them.
Thank you.

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