Artist Statement

“When I started to make collages with men in them I used images of masked men. Later I started using images of men without masks, but I covered their faces totally or partially: with brightly colored flowers, with butterflies, with beautiful animals. Some people asked me why, and I didn’t really have an answer. They were just like that.

Now I realize how powerful they are. How they own their own destiny and do just as they please. They are not following the decisions of a society where they don’t entirely fit in, but make their own rules and do what they really want regardless of what is expected from them.

At the same time, hiding beneath a mask gives them a sense of safety. They are not ultra-brave or ultra-macho. They are macho with something extra, macho with flowers on them. 

Until November 19, 2016 I have an exhibition going on in Barcelona, which topped a crazy year in which I had six solo shows in several cities (Barcelona, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Girona and Barcelona). Now I am taking some time to experiment and also to look for new projects where I can contribute, share and learn.” – Randomagus / 2016

Think Boy Think / 2016
Sweet At Heart / 2016
Shame / 2016
It Felt So Good At The Beginning / 2016
I’m Coming For You / 2016
Hero Villain Everything Else / 2016
Fighter At Heart / 2016
Fierce At Heart / 2016
Do You Know What You Want / 2016
Do You Know What You Want With Me / 2016
Catch Me If You Can / 2016


You can explore of Randomagus’ works by following these links:

All images were kindly supplied by the artist.

Please ask permission before using them.

Thank you.


One thought on “ARTIST: RANDOMAGUS

  1. I really like how you have contrasted the iconic male “hero” images with layered details (traditionally associated with gender) to add meaning to your compositions. The clustered collages make really powerful vignettes – very cool! 👍👍


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