Ique in Vogue is a Brazilian artist and performer.

Ique in Vogue works with time, memory, and solitude in relation to the nude, male body, as well as various themes around said body and multiple performances of masculinity, which show a variety of feelings. The viewer maybe challenged by images of the nude male, which is still a cause of shock, given its rarity in public. With the nude male come the specter of homoerotism begins to appear, by bringing attention to a (still) socially forbidden rule against the nude male.  The artist strives to create space for the celebration of the male nude—even a (homo-)erotic one, which keeps alive the question about the presentation and performance of the male nude in our contemporary social sphere.



The first shoot of the Illusion series took place in February of 2016.  It reckons with identity, the male body, vestments, and self-exposure.  It highlights the desire to see the male body by other men through a series of exposures and concealments, which surface male-to-male desire on a sometimes-subterranean level.  In my work, I attempt to show the tension between what is considered (still today!) taboo; namely the nude male, and I also surface, through this presentation, the simultaneous sexual attractions that can take place.  So, there is a tittering of denial and desire or sin and pleasure.  I would argue that in doing this project I am also questioning dominate modes of masculinity—as it is informed by heteronormativity.

The Illusion in this series is how dominant, masculine identity becomes unhinged through erotic desires by other men.  Furthermore, in doing this project I am showing the very instability of all masculinities, identities, and sexualities—here focusing on men, masculinity, and (homo-)erotic self-presentation.

I think Balaclava.Q is an important initiative, and it gives LGBT artists with similar interests a space to speak from and show works that are very often elided and/or erased from public view.  Also, Balaclava.Q is to explore and invent new ideas, and to rethink older ones.  I believe my project engages in both.

I work with the covered face, which I normally don’t do.  I think in not revealing the face identity is protected—we don’t know who it is—and it allows for greater sexual expression: it can be liberating.  But, in not exposing this face—thus proper identification—this tactic shows how one may be afraid of the consequences of “coming out” to others, which may lead to prejudice and policing.  Thus, the covering of the face could be seen in a dual way—both positive and negative.  What do you think?



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2 thoughts on “ARTIST: IQUE IN VOGUE

  1. Your work is really powerful! I especially enjoyed viewing the images and performance pieces you have posted on your Tumblr site. I admire an artist who is able to freely express his thoughts through self-portraiture – especially in the nude when he or she is the most vulnerable. Two thumbs up!

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    1. Hi Robert. I must first apologize for not seen you comment on this, only today I realized there was a comment from you! Man, too many time and you deserved an reply, you’re very kind of visiting my tumblr too, as you mentioned.

      Liked by 1 person

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