A collaboration, an interjection and a response.


Artists Lee Sayers and Bari Goddard respond, react and revive “obscuring the face” by presenting new work: ‘THE IMPOSTER SYNDROME’.


The artist(s) state: “The series is called THE IMPOSTER SYNDROME – and deals with self-worth and the lack of it, the masks we use at work and at home, the subservience that society has come to expect from its drones.”


Goddard is currently exhibiting in London in an exhibition called ‘Elsinore In Dubrovnik’ at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia until November 18th.  Boddard says: “I shall then be exhibiting with a photographic collective known as THE 13 at Lauderdale House in London running from November 20 -November 30.  My next exhibition after those is in the Sponza Palace in Dubrovnik Croatia, running from June 19th – July 12th 2017.
To explore more of these artists’ works please visit the following links:
All images were kindly supplied by the artists.
Please ask permission before using these images.
Thank you.

5 thoughts on “ARTIST: G O D PHOTOGRAPHY

  1. These images are spooky, sexy and suffocating at the same time. As a children’s therapist, I have worked with teens who have struggled with issues of self-worth due to the unreasonable and hateful demands of their families, their religious institutions and their culture. These images would be great conversation starters in therapy sessions to help those who struggle with self-worth to describe the masks they wear and why these masks remain in place.

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