***DISCLAIMER: This gallery contains adult imagery.***


Artist Statement


“When your childhood nightmares seem to have become everyday reality in a technological, but loveless world and civilization appears to crumble and fall before your eyes then all you have left is art.”



“In The Chamber of Diagonal Sleep” (02`01`16)


When asked: Why Balaclava.Q?

Balaclava.Q provides a community of divergent yet like minded artists, separate from the censorship and judgement of post-truth politics and the hate of a non-existent god, still attempting to suppress nature in the twenty first century. I consider it a great honour to be part of that community.” – Graeme Jukes / 2016


“Asphixion Simulacra” (15`02`15)
“The Invention of Colour” (01`04`15)
“The Punishment of Imaginary Sins” (11`10`15)
“The Condemned” (12`05`15)
“Doll Head Replacements” (22`05`15)
“He Remembers The City” (20`03`16)


You can explore Jukes’ work and follow the artist via FacebookDeviantArt and Tumblr.


All images were supplied by the artist.

Please contact the artist before using the images.

Thank you.


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