Artist Statement


I guess my work is about trying to escape every structure I’ve learned since I was a child, to find way to understand the truth of my nature and my desires.

The more I grow old the less I understand the societies approach to sexuality and to sexual life.

Through my work I try to find a compromise between my private life and the public one, I do really think the more the division between these two sides of life widens, the more it’s hard to find a way to free the mind and accept yourself.




 When asked: Why Balaclava.Q?

POGGI: I really like Balaclava.Q and I really enjoy the idea of being part of this project, to me it’s like entering a world full of freedom, where everybody seeks their own truth, dropping all inhibitions linked to the expectations that society puts on us all.







You explore Poggi and their works on tumlbrInstagram and Facebook.


All images were generously supplied by the artist.

Please ask the artist before using them.

Thank you.

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