***DISCLAIMER: This art contains nudity***


Northey has kindly contributed works from his Aniquilação (annihilation in English) series. You can find Northey’s works scattered throughout the text displayed below.



WHEN ASKED: Why Balaclava.Q and why “obscure the face”?

NORTHEY SAYS: I find it awe-inspiring the breadth of concepts and approaches to the seemingly simple process of covering the face. I would be honoured to have any of my work displayed with such talented allies. 

Initially this process came about for the simplicity of allowing my models to retain their anonymity, but you soon tire of ‘decapitation’ shots (Hmm maybe not? Is there a project there in itself?) and you come to realise there are conversations, narratives and social comments that can be spoken of through this visual metaphor.




Stiofan showed a particular liking to this project so I would be very proud to share it with you. For me it has come to represent our safe little insular family where we can be open and honest and true to ourselves; breathing in the oxygen of our confederates. But it also has a much darker side as within this community there is an unhealthy incestuous nepotism and toxic culture which poisons ourselves as much as the world outside.




Artist Statement


A lot of my mask work explores the vulnerability and potential shame of someone slowly coming to terms with their sexuality.

I am often approached by models who are more than willing to be involved in various personal projects, but they usually have the same proviso … that I am not allowed to show their face or any identifying features.

They appear brave enough to be naked in front of a complete stranger and display themselves unclothed … even though (as Susan Sontag has written) “they may fear the camera’s disapproval.” However they can never allow their nude form to be seen in combination with the profile they show to the world in general.

I find this an intriguing analogy when, even to this day, many people struggle to come to terms with their sexuality – they have to portray one self to the world and keep another hidden, only to be seen by trusted friends and possibly family.

The mask we wear is not always a visible one.















You can view more of Northey’s works on his website: website.


All works were generously supplied by the artist.

Please contact the artist before using these images.

Thank you



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