10648637_371192549704028_4145492510271226304_oArtist Statement

Ingrato knits as a way to express what we really feel inside, also to detract from public perceptions of beauty or how dissatisfied we can be with our material bodies…



I use different techniques to “create or destroy” the established shape of the body and turn it into something stimulating and grotesque to the eyes of the public.


I then bring it to a performance meant to reflect on what is established by society and in what way we can intervene these parameters we believe to be “correct”.


“Ingrato” (“ungrateful” in English) is a nickname I gave this project to represent how unpleasant it can be for people to witness the body intervened in unconventional ways, and also to define the work involved in knitting and how ungrateful we all are towards the work of Latin-american artisans and ancestral techniques.


When asked: Why Balalclava.Q?

“This platform came to my attention because it documents different artists that produce corporal interventions in different ways, knitting been my passion, and I believe it is a good place to share and support the messages that each of the artists want to communicate.” – Ingrato / 2016





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Photography by: Felipe Andre, Beatriz Arce, Mairo ArDe Mora and Lengua Visual Producer.
Photography by: Felipe Andre, Mauricio Concha, Beatriz Arce, Mairo ArDe Mora and Lengua Visual Producer.

You can access all of Ingrato’s social media platforms via his landing site:




All images and text were kindly supplied by the artist.

Please ask the artist before using them.

Thank you.


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