Artist: Carlos Vergara has kindly chosen to submit two bodies of work to Balaclava.Q. Faceless Portraits / 2012, and Untitled (Bodies) / 2013.


Artist’s Statement


Born in Barranquilla, Colombia (1989)
Lives and works in Vienna, Austria


“As an artist I’ve always been interested in my very own surroundings. My subject matter usually emerge from daily experiences or the most common of things. Space, time, identity and intimacy are the basic concepts which I constantly explore, relating one another to create my own universe in order to raise questions and trigger some kind of invisible presences, that I believe, are always lingering there, as if there were something missing, hiding in plain sight, waiting yet to be said and discovered. Through drawings, photographs and collages I try to develop my own language to disrupt -sometimes in a critic, humorous or political way- the basic concepts or fundaments of my subjects, looking not only to expand them, but to reintroduce them into new contexts and therefore attempt to give them new meanings.”




Faceless Portraits2012

35mm photographs, collage
42 x 28 cm ea.


We appropriate space and our surroundings through mental and perceptual constructs. When we are isolated we tend to liberate beyond the limits of our own body. The tension generated by this event -the appropriation of the space surrounding us- keeps us confined within our own inner space, which in turn limits and protects us from collectivity, allowing us to maintain an internal flow with our intimacy, or with who we are when we are alone. It is this internal space, those never empty whites, which spun us to our limits, keeping us both in expansion and contraction within the conscious and unconscious layers that compose our identity.




Untitled (Rick)



Untitled (Mara)



Untitled (Juan)



Untitled (Luis)



Installation View




Untitled (Bodies), 2013

35mm photographs, collage
20 x 30 cm ea. / Installation dimensions variable


The subtle intangible boundaries that separate things give us the appearance of a world where everything seems to be increasingly distant and apart, as if it were of a fine line that keeps the limit from the material and the immaterial, the visible from the invisible and the stable from the unstable.

Exploring the own surroundings, through a series of collages assembled from analog photographs, in order to disarrange it with small gestures that interact as spaces of rupture, by rebuilding and manipulating the body, as well as exploring it’s own limits, arming and disarming superimposed layers that relate to an almost existential attempt to recompose itself again and over again.”


***All of the pieces pictured below are untitled.***














To explore more of Vergara’s please follow the links below. The artist has also kindly provided a resume of selected exhibitions and a direct, email contact.
Instagram: @Mushroomk
Tumblr: @Everythingisnt

For inquiries please contact at



Selected Exhibitions


Todo Loco, La Casa Verde
Barranquilla, Colombia – May 2016

Ni Arte Ni Educación, Matadero
Madrid Madrid, Spain – November 2015

XV Salón Regional de Artistas Zona Caribe Arte Corrosivo, Museo Palacio de la Inquisición
Cartagena, Colombia – August 2015

Milk Art, Milk Fest
Bogotá, Colombia – June 2015

Atlas Subjetivo de Colombia, Artecámara
Bogotá, Colombia – February 2015

Parckfarm, Thurn en Taxis
Brussels, Belgium – November 2014

Si las Paredes Hablarán, Come Together Galería
Bogotá, Colombia – December 2013

VIII Bienal Internacional de Arte SIART
Todos los Ausentes, Alianza Francesa de La Paz
La Paz, Bolivia – October 2013

Sobre la Mesa / En el Aire, Alianza Colombo-Francesa
Curated by Maria Isabel Rueda
Barranquilla, Colombia – July 2013

Exploring the landscape, Schunk
Harleen, Netherlands – April 2013

Lo Que Sea: Exhibición de Dibujo, Latienda Galeria
Medellin, Colombia – November 2012

Aquí & Ahora, Pop Up Art Shop, Casa Prado
Barranquilla, Colombia – November 2012

Esto es lo que Estamos Haciendo Ahora, Colectivo Espacio Intermitente
Cartagena, Colombia – October 2012

Mano A Mano, Centro Cultural Ciudad Móvil Curated by La Usurpadora
Cartagena, Colombia – April 2012


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