***UPDATE: 30/09/2016***



Artist: Claudio Parentela has very kindly contributes further works and text.


“Calabria (Italy) is a wild land ….

sweet, tender, wild ….

there are remote places, isolated places,

full of wind ,of sea,of rugged mountains …

I love the sea in winter, when it’s black , angry, with waves up to the black sky ….

each of us is a mirror, black and white and colored …

I like your face …. and you like mine …

everyone is the mirror of the other,a mirror of other …

a dirt mirror , a mirror full of terrible dirty dust, a mirror full of pink moons….

I like to cover your face with my face …. I like to steal your face…

I don’t like my skin on my face …

I want a face of other, I want a face of another,

I want a new face every day,

I want a face of black Indian ink …

I am an artist from Calabria, I am very Calabrian ….

I’m lonely, wild, ancient, like my land…but I’m not Calabrian…

I come from Mars and from Pluto.

On my sheet of paper is now beginning a wonderful battle of green rats ….

absolutely I want to photograph them…now!!!

Balaclava.Q is the perfect day in the perfect time in the perfect year in the perfect century … I love to be inside now just now here now…

I adore you BALACLAVA.Q… do you love too my ferocious rats?”

Claudio Parentela – 2016























***End of update***



Artist Claudio Parentela’s work looks extensively at obscuring or covering the face. The artist has very kindly granted Balaclava.Q permission to select works from his entire back catalogue. Consisting of self-portraits, digital, collage and painting all works shall be displayed here untitled and undated as per Parentela’s social media.

See below for Parentela’s virtual gallery.


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Parentela’s main website can be found here.

You can explore more of this artists works by visiting his many websites:

 http://www.claudioparentela.net– http://claudioparentela.altervista.org

This work is shown here by kind permission from the artist.
Please ask the artist before using them elsewhere.

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