Untitled / 2016


13939463_10154315672461341_7961861392407041828_n (1)

Artists Statement:

Racism equals misogyny equals homophobia equals transphobia equals terrorism equals hate equals silence equals death. From “War Correspondence Behind the Lines”; a fictitious book banned and erased from 49 countries; written and photographed by artist in hiding.” –Richard J Treitner.
العنصرية يساوي كراهية النساء يساوي الجنسية المثلية يساوي transphobia يساوي الإرهاب يساوي الكراهية يساوي الصمت يساوي الموت . من ” الحرب المراسلات خلف خطوط ” . كتاب وهمية محظورة و تمحى من 49 دولة . كتب و تصويرها من قبل الفنان في الخفاء،
His work can be seen on Facebook, YouPic, Visual AIDS, DeviantArt, the National Geographic site, YouTube, etc., as well as random spots around the web.

He works in painting mediums, photography, sculpture, ceramics, spoken word / poetry, and performance. His work exists in the crossroads where being gay, a survivor of violence, illness, and death (just the one time, so far), awareness, consciousness exploration, shamanism and paganism, loving nature, sexual liberation, and politics all sort of meet up in a big funky stew.

The works shown here was kindly supplied by the artist.
Please ask that artist before using them elsewhere.



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